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Your online
Montessori Classroom

Giving your child the best start in life from the comfort of your home!

What we offer

Home Printables

Unlimited downloadables/printables including specialised Montessori printables for you to use and print at home.

Tutorial Videos

Montessori at home tutorial videos to help you maximise the Montessori environment in your home, as well as step-by-step Montessori presentations. 


Online communication to assist you with your homeschool teaching. We urge you to communicate with our qualified staff with any questions you may have while teaching your child at home. 

Educational Packs


watch this space


Montessori Online aims to help you educate your child from home according to your child's needs and letting him work at his own pace. We will help you to stimulate your child, prepare your child, allow your child to look forward to his/her day and enjoy his/her homeschooling with our online resources and assistance.