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Welcome to our Pre-School page!

Our Pre-School

The Field and Study Montessori is a smalll Montessori Pre-School based in Sandton, established in 1992 by our founder Julia Gorham. Catering for children from 16 months - 5 years old. 


With 28 years experience, the Field and Study Montessori has decided to expand our teaching methods online. 


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Meet Julia Gorham!

Julia Gorham is a well-recognised Montessori Educator with over 28 years teaching experience, the Founder of several Montessori Pre-Schools including an award winning parenting website “Children's Kickstart”.


Julia Gorham has compiled a series of Montessori  teaching manuals including a practical homeschooling programme for young children. She is a contribruting writer to parenting magazines and is presently the Principal and Founder of the Field and Study Montessori Pre-School. 


Julia Gorham would like to share her knowledge and expertise with you and your children with her online teaching programme catering for children from 18 months to 6 years.


Montessori Online

The Field and Study Montessori created Montessori Online to help parents, specifically during this pandemic, teach Montessori at home. 

Montessori’s approach to the education of the child is unique in that it is based on the observation of  the child and following his or her abilities and interests. By observing children closely, you are able to identify when a child is most willing and ready to learn a specific skill. The method is based on the freedom of the child to explore and learn, mostly, through self-direction. 


Our online Montessori programme will provide you with carefully prepared lessons to complete with your child at home. Our lessons will give your child the confidence and necessary skills for a love of learning.

The Montessori philosophy nurtures a child’s sensitive period by allowing the child ample opportunity for the child to be absorbed and focused on whatever task they are driven to at the time. Montessori believed that children learned more quickly and easily during this time, for this specific task, than any other time and that children should not be punished or redirected during their sensitive period

We offer two online programmes: 

* Pre-School Programme

* Toddler Programme

Both programmes include tutorial videos, language, mathematics, cultural as well as introduction manuals. 

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