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Art Activities

There are many different art techniques you can use when completing an art activity with your child. Use any technique and mediums that suits your child’s needs and even use what you have available in your home.


Here are some examples:

•Q-Tip/EarBud painting – Dipping an earbud into paint and dotting it on the picture

•Cutting and Sticking – Sticking different coloured paper on the picture

•Sponge painting – Using a sponge to create a specific texture, can be used wit diluted food colouring or paint.

•Stamping – Using a cork as a stamp to stamp shapes on a picture/Use kitchen utensils such as a fork, masher, or spatula to stamp.

•Colour wash – Use a wax crayon to colour in the picture, then dilute food colouring and paint a thin layer over the picture. 

•String painting- Dip the string in paint and use to create organic lines on the picture

*Use any of the above or any other painting techniques for your daily art activities:


Scissor Skills
  • coming soon