A Mother’s notes of a gifted child’s behaviour

gifted children
  1. Gifted children commonly learn basic skills better, more quickly, and with less practice.

  2. They are better able to construct and handle abstractions.

  3. They often pick up and interpret nonverbal cues and can draw inferences that their children need to have spelled out for them.

  4. They take less for granted, seeking the “how’s” and “whys.”

  5. They can work independently at an earlier age and can concentrate for longer periods.

  6. Their interests are both wildly eclectic and intensely focused.

  7. They like to learn new things, are willing to examine the unusual, and are highly inquisitive.

  8. They tackle tasks and problems in a well-organized, goal-directed, and efficient manner.

  9. They exhibit an intrinsic motivation to learn, find out, or explore and are often very persistent. “I’d rather do it myself” is a common saying.

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