Bugs Made From Cooldrink Bottles

bugs made from bottles

You will need:

Cooldrink bottle

Styrofoam ball for head

Pipe cleaner for feelers

Coloured foam for the wings

Glitter and sprinkles to decorate the wings

Google eyes





Assemble the bottles

paint head

Paint the ball head

Assemble your bottles.

Glue the styrofoam ball to the opening of the bottle.

Paint the ball for the head and glue the google eyes on. The kids can have fun painting this with a brush or you can just dip it in paint.

Wind the pipe cleaner around the bottle for the feelers. (As an extra you can put pom poms at the end for antennae)

outline bug wing

Use the ellipse shape to trace the wings

outlines of wings for bugs

Divide them in half for two wings

The wings can be an ellipse shape divided in half. You can trace the shape beforehand for the kids cut or cut it for them, depending on their age, on the coloured foam.


The cut out wings

sprinkles on wings

Decorate the wings with glittery sprinkles

All kids will enjoy sprinkling various sparkly items onto the wings or drawing on them in glitter.

All you need to do now is glue on the wings, and there you have it, a cute little bug to play with.


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