Butterflies from Apples and Celery

apple celery butterfly

apple celery butterfly

What you’ll need:

  1. apple

  2. celery

  3. knife (adults only)

  4. chopping board

  5. cottage cheese / peanut butter


  1. Cut the celery into strips just a bit longer than the length of the apple.

  2. Cut the apple in half and then make thin slices with your knife. You can trim the edges to make the wings slightly smaller too. If your butterfly falls over because they are too thick you can always cut them in half again.

  3. Fill the middle funnel of the celery with cottage cheese. You can also use another filling such as peanut butter.

  4. Place two apple wings in the celery stick.

  5. Cut two small pieces of celery for the antennae.

Let the children taste it and enjoy!

celery apple butterflies

food sculptures

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