Fun outside games to play with your children

My children beg me daily to play these outside games. Great fun! They are “Hide and Seek” and “Wolfie, Wolfie, what’s the time?”

Hide and Seek

outside games, hide and seek
  1. Ask your child to hide.

  2. Closing your eyes, count slowly from 1 -10 and afterwards say “ Coming ready or not?”

  3. Look around saying “ Where is ….?” “ I wonder where .. is hiding?” “ Is ….. here?”, ” No”, “Oh no, Oh no” , “Where, can he be?”

  4. Pretend to look everywhere

  5. Find your child with great excitement and say “Boo, I found you!”

  6. Ask your child to find you.

“Wolfie, Wolfie, What’s the time?”

outside games, wolfie wolfie what's the time

The others call out, “Wolfie, Wofie what’s the time?” and the wolf turns to face the others and shouts out a time. Eg: 10 o’clock.

The children will take the same amount of steps toward the wolf as the amount of hours in the wolfs time. eg, 2 o’clock = 2 steps, 6 o’clock = 6 steps etc. etc.

The wolf will then turn his back to the chidren again for them to yell “Wolfie, Wolfie what’s the time…?.” ( Look at the children only when you shout the time to them”)

When the children get close to the wolf the next time they will ask again”Wolfie, Wolfie what’s the time?” the wolf will say ‘DINNER TIME – TIME TO EAT YOU ALL UP!!” and run after the children who are running back to the start line, and hopefully you can catch one of the children, who will then be the wolf.

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