How To Make An Easter Egg Basket Out of a 2 Litre Container (Cooldrink or Milk)

how to make an easter egg basket out of an old milk or cooldrink bottle

You will need:

  1. An empty 2 litre cool drink container

  2. A sharp knife ( for adult use only)

  3. Scissors ( Adult use only)

  4. Paintbrushes

  5. Colorful paint

  6. Tissue paper

  7. A strip of thin cardboard

  8. A stapler

  9. Glitter pens (optional)

  10. Pretty ribbon


painted bottle
  1. Cut a 2 litre cool drink container approx.  10 – 14 cm from the bottom ( Adult only)

  2. Trim uneven edges with sharp scissors ( Adult only)

  3. Paint the container with thin brushes dipped in colourful paint to make patterns, dots etc.

  4. Leave to dry

  5. Cut a strip of cardboard for the handle and paint if required

  6. Staple cardboard strip on either side of the container

  7. Fill container with soft tissue paper

  8. Cut a pretty ribbon and tie over the middle handle of the basket

Milk carton alternative:

milk carton instructions easter basket
milk cartons
  1. As another alternative to paint you can use cut outs of Easter eggs and paste them on top. (I used this template)

bunny baskets

For more Easter craft ideas, see the Field and Study Montessori pinterest board here.

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