Make a Pinecone Skier

You will need:

  1. Clove for his nose

  2. Wooden skewer (which you will break in half for two skis)

  3. Polystyrene ball for the head

  4. Glue

  5. Koki (black)

  6. Pipe cleaner

  7. Paint and paint brushes

  8. Felt: to be cut into the felt hat and scarf

  9. Scissors

  10. Two strips of card for the skis (corregated card works well, the kind used in boxes, nice and thick to support the pinecone)


  1. Paint: Paint your pinecone and your skis. You can optionally assemble the head and hat as well when you paint.

  1. Glue on the head and push in the clove for the nose and draw the eyes and mouth.

  2. For the felt hat find a circular object to draw the semicircle. I used a lid but you can also use a plate.

  3. Fold the semicircle felt shape into a cone and glue it on the head.

  4. Attach the arms (pipe cleaner).

  5. Fold the ends and attach the skis (skewer sticks)

  6. Tie a scarf around his neck. It’s a good idea to cut this scarf in a circular rather than a straight shape so that it goes around the pinecone easier.

  7. You’re done.

Enjoy your pinecone man.

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