Paper cup Spring Flowers

Get going with the freshness and bounce of Spring with great Spring Kids Crafts! (More to follow)

Spring has sprung!

Here is a simple spring flower activity to do with your children using paper cups and plastic spoons.

To get:

  1. White paper or polystyrene cups

  2. Plastic spoons

  3. Template of flowers

  4. Scissors

  5. Small knife ( For use by adult only)

  6. Wax crayons/ paints/ chalk

  7. Paint brush

  8. Liquid glue

  9. (Optional )Small jewel stickers, small pom poms or couscous etc. to glue in the middle of the flower, sand / cut out leaves

To do:

  1. Insert a plastic spoon in the middle of the cup

  2. Colour and decorate cardboard, coloured paper template of a flower using different bright, coloured crayons, chalks or paints

  3. Paint or chalk colour the cup green

  4. Colour the top of the cup brown with added extra’s of sand and glue on top of the cup

  5. Glue the decorated flower onto the spoon with liquid glue

Spring is here! (Tune of Farmer in the Dell) The days of Spring are here, Warm, sunny days are near, Flowers and bees, and birds in trees. The days of spring are here

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