Paper Mache Bowls

paper mache bowls

Your child can also enjoy painting the bowls with their creative flairs!

Your child’s paper mache bowls will make gorgeous presents for special occasions too!

You will need:

  1. A bowl for your mould (any size)

  2. Newspaper (torn into thin strips)

  3. Maizena/ flour mixed with water

To do:

  1. Cover the bowl with Vaseline or sunflower oil.

  2. In a another bowl mix maizena /flour and water into a semi thick consistency.

  3. Tear newspaper into thin strips.

  4. Place the newspaper strips around the bowl, pasting it with your flour mix, making sure that the newspaper is well covered with the flour paste.

  1. Continue with several layers, smoothing it around the bowl until firm.

  2. Place your bowl in the sun or in a low temperature in the oven, until dry and hard.

  3. Using a knife, carefully loosen the rim of the bowl with the knife, and remove the paper mache mould. (Adult only)

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