Paper Plate Letters

paper plate letters

You can also write your child’s name on the plate, use a different plate for each letter of your child’s name  or write short phonetic words for your child to practise reading.

You will need:

  1. A paper plate

  2. Sponge

  3.  Sand, rice, maize meal, couscous etc.  to sprinkle on the letter.

  4. A bowl of food colouring diluted with water,

  5. Glue

  6. String


  1. Using a sponge , dip it into the bowl of diluted food colouring

  2. Sponge the whole plate. Leave to dry.

plate 2
  1. Sprinkle sand etc. over the letter. Leave to dry.

  2. Punch a hole at the top of the plate.

  3. Thread string through the punched hole. .

  4.   Hang the plate in your child’s bedroom.


You can also colour wash several plates with different colours and write numbers for your children to learn.

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