Pressed flowers bookmark

You’ll need:

  1. flowers

  2. a few leaves

  3. heavy books

  4. wax paper

  5. card

  6. crayons/ pencils

  7. glue

  8. laminator

  9. plastic pouches

  10. wool or ribbon

  11. punch


  1. Leave them to be pressed for as long as you can.

  2. Cut out bookmarked shaped card. I used one A4 card cut into three pieces, shortened and a shape triangle at the top.

  3. The child first draws a picture on one side. As you can see, Nicky drew a rocket.

  4. On the other side place glue all over the card.

  5. Let the child decorate the bookmark with the leaves first.

  6. Then let them enjoy putting flowers all over.

  7. Place the bookmark between the plastic sleeves of the pouch and glue around for security.

  1. Laminate the bookmark

  2. Punch a hole at the top and thread some wool or ribbon through it as a finishing touch.

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