The Secret of Happy Children

By Julia Gorham

  1. A child’s mind is full of questions, especially questions of self definition or identity “Whom am I?”

  2. We base our lives as adults and make key questions on these very questions.

  3. A child will be influenced remarkably by statements with the words,

  4. “ You are … ” These statements go firmly into the child’s unconscious .

  5. “You” messages work at both the conscious and unconscious levels.

  6. Consciously, children hear the words, but unconsciously they hear, see/the feeling behind the words.

  7. Words said to children “I notice that you have not tidied up your toys, and this upsets me” {Positive}

  8. “You are a …… child, why don’t you ever do, what you are told?” {Negative}

Research has shown that everything – every sight , sound and spoken words will be stored in your children’s brains.

On the surface children’s cortex is their life recorded in its entirety.

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