Vegetable Sculptures: Potato People

You will need:

  1. a large potato for the head

  2. hair: eg broccoli, parsley, lettuce (plus ribbon for a girl)

  3. eyes: eg blueberry, grape

  4. mouth: eg red pepper, tomato

  5. nose eg patty pan, sweet potato

  6. ears: eg carrots, baby marrows

  7. cheeks: eg red pepper

  8. toothpicks

It’s a good idea just to get a lot of colourful vegetables. I had a good, cut up mixture from the local fruit and veg shop, and after the kids had used what they needed I cooked the rest up for supper!

To do:

Place the potato on a flat surface.

Lay out all the vegetables on a tray and then discuss with the child about how to build the face. Start with the hair and then work around all the facial features (as above), using toothpicks. Push the vegetable in the potato as far as it feels stable and then use a scissors to cut off the remaining end.

Display your work of art for as long as you can before … you start eating it!

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